Training and safety equipment revision

The safety issue is a constant companion for us, therefore we only sell the best and absolutely safe products. For us a “safe product” is more than just conforming to standards, it also has to be practical and easy to use. Due to our personal experience in safety sensitive services, we can guarantee that we tested the products thoroughly and only provide you with products that perform flawlessly. After an appropriate introduction of our team, you will be able to apply the safety equipment correctly and safely even in extreme situations.



We provide different types of training, basic courses such as use of PPE or fall protection saftey trainings as well as product related introductory trainings on client site.


Control of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are entitled to control the following PPE:

- CT-Climbing Technology, including automatic drop-stop systems

- Petzl

- Skylotec



Revision of fall arrester systems/lifelines:




Our qualified technicians can undertake the legally prescribed periodic checks on your PPE and general safety equipment.